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Quick-frozen blueberries, also known as frozen blueberries, are processed by monomer quick-freezing technology, which means that the center temperature of the product is reduced to below -18 ° C within 30 minutes. Free water in the intercellular space and free water in the cell can be simultaneously Frozen into small ice crystals without severely damaging the fruit cell tissue. When food is thawed, the water melted by the ice crystals can be quickly absorbed by the cells without loss of the original juice, thereby preserving the original juice and flavor of the fruit. A preservation technology for long-term preservation of perishable fruits.    Quick-frozen fruit is currently widely used in the food processing industry in China as a raw material for food. The currently applied fields are: freshly squeezed fruit juice, dairy product addition, concentrated juice, pastries, desserts, ice cream, salads, jams, preserved fruits, preserves, Baking etc. In foreign countries, ordinary families also choose to buy frozen fruits for daily consumption, which can be slowed and eaten directly, or they can process daily food such as fruit juice and jam by themselves.
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