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Shahe Xinnuofa Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a professional food company specializing in fruit processing and import and export trade. Its headquarter is located in Shahe City, Hebei Province.
 We started fruit sales business in 2004, suffering from various problems caused by the supply side. We have been involved in production and processing since 2009. For ten years, the company has been committed to establishing a complete set of production and processing control and food safety traceability systems. HACCP and  As the guiding principle, BRC controls the details of each link from raw material control, logistics distribution, production and processing, goods storage to sales and service, and truly realizes a full traceability system, providing customers and consumers with high-quality, safe products and services.
 We have loyal employees, all of whom have many years of practical experience in the agricultural product industry and are well trained;
 We have a professional team and a global supplier system, which can provide customers with high-quality fruits and perfect services everywhere;
 We have the industry's advanced technology and an increasingly determined determination to ensure quality supply from the field to the dining table.
 Since 2018, the company has successively established its own processing and packaging workshops in Dandong, Liaoning, Xi'an in Shaanxi and Laiyang in Shandong, and has introduced advanced production and packaging equipment.  In the near future, Xin Nuofa will become a fruit enterprise in the whole industry chain.
 Sinovac provides:
 High-quality products / Guarantee of prompt delivery / Professional sales service
 We promise to improve:
 Excellent product experience / competitive price / knowledgeable professional staff / 100% customer satisfaction
 The moral of "Xinuofa" is one promise worth thousands of gold, honesty / keeping promises / development.
Tel:+ 86-319-8866888